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The following are resources to help you #KnowYourRights:

Special Education Law Workbook

SchoolKidsLawyer's Step-By-Step Guide to Special Education Law: Workbook for Parents, Advocates and Lawyers

An easy to read 266 page workbook that will help you #KnowYourRights in special education law. This will guide you to the rights of children with disabilities and their families in school.
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Each month we publish a FREE email newsletter called "2 Things" as we discuss two hot issues in special education law. You can sign up using the link on the right side of this page or go to our 2 Things Newsletter page where there are also past issues of the newsletter you can download and read. Why not? It's FREE!


Not sure what to say? How to say it? To whom do you write? We can help! Go to our Forms page to download useful information and forms that you can use to request things for a child with a disability, such as requesting an evaluation, an IEP meeting, or to see your child's education file. The forms are FREE.

30 Minute Consultation

For $100.00, you can speak to one of our attorneys for 1/2 hour with your questions about special education law or how to help your child with a disability in school. Just click the button, pay, and we will connect with you:



In addition to our book and 2 Things Newsletter, we also have other publications to help you learn about special education law including numerous articles, our Blog, and our social media accounts. Visit our Publications page to see additional resources for you.

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